About Us

Involegal is a law firm specialising in volume legal outsource solutions to the banking, insurance and corporate sectors.

Volume legal businesses operate differently from traditional law firms with distinctive business models, funding and technology requirements.

Consolidating the specialised volume business enables us to pursue a focused strategy, applying bespoke technologies, improving leverage and implementing standard operating procedures to deliver greater efficiencies in client service delivery across all disciplines.

Unlike a conventional law firm Involegal employs a broad spectrum of professional, processing and customer service skills alongside traditional legal roles.

Our unique 'blended' offering in the legal market provides an integrated approach involving the specialist legal advice from top UK law firm Hugh James alongside the cost and processing efficiencies delivered by Involegal.

Involegal is the corporate brand for Hugh James Involegal LLP. It represents the core values of innovation, volume processing and legal expertise. Involegal is a business wholly owned by the equity partners of Hugh James, a top 100 UK law firm.

Why partner with Involegal?

• Efficient and high quality legal processing
• Transparent and low cost fixed pricing
• Integrated risk management and compliance
• Scalable and flexible solutions

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Since 1999, Hugh James has been at the forefront of delivering high quality, UK based volume legal solutions.

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