Cookie Policy


Hugh James Involegal LLP uses cookies and similar tools across our range of websites in order to improve the websites' performance, navigation and content which ultimately will enhance the visitor experience. Our cookie policy aims to inform visitors how we will do this.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a data text file which a website may attach to your web browser on your PC or mobile when you first visit a website. Once a cookie has been added to your browser it will then recognise you (if using the same device) when you re-visit that same website in the future.

There are several different types of cookies each with differing levels of tracking ability. Not all websites will use all types of cookies. Many websites use cookies just as a means to track user activity on their sites.

A cookie does not carry any viruses.

Hugh James Involegal LLP refers to the term "cookies" in this policy to refer to all files that act in this way and store information on user/device activity.

What cookies do Hugh James Involegal LLP use?

Hugh James Involegal LLP uses performance and session cookies.

The primary function of a performance cookie is to track and monitor user activity on a website. A performance cookie will assist with creating web statistics and is used by webmasters who use Google Analytics for their monitoring and analyzing of online activity on their site.

For customers accessing the ‘Track my Case’ function, we also use session cookies which are used to record login data so you don't get asked for the same information you've already given to the site. Session cookies allow you to proceed through these pages of our site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or re-input data each time you visit.

Why do Hugh James Involegal LLP use cookies?

Hugh James Involegal LLP uses performance cookies so that we are able to better understand what visitors are doing when they get on to our site, what pages they go to, what navigational route they took to get there and what keywords they have used to find us . Using Google Analytics we are also able to identify some basic geographical data and information on the types of devices are used by visitors to the website.

Session cookies are used to store login information for the ‘Track my Case’ area to allow faster access on returning visits.

By collating and analysing this data we are able to better customise the content and structure of the site to meet the needs of the visitors.

We do not release this data to any third party. We do not use it for promotional purposes.
Consent to cookie tracking on Hugh James Involegal LLP websites.

Having read our policy should you choose to progress through the website, and have not disabled cookies within your privacy settings, you are consenting to our use of performance cookie tracking and or session cookie tracking.

Wthdraw consent to cookie tracking

You are able to block your browser from being able to store cookie tracking information. All browsers should have privacy settings in which you can select the level of cookie tracking that you are comfortable with. For example Internet Explorer has, within their privacy settings in internet options, a sliding scale from Accept all Cookies to Block all Cookies and you can choose exactly where you want your setting to be placed.

If you are unsure as to how to change your privacy and cookie settings go to the help function on your browser and select either privacy settings or disable cookies and follow the instructions.